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The Different Contexts Of Alone

by Issac Castle 6 months ago in social commentary
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An Introvert's hidden dilemma

The Different Contexts Of Alone
Photo by Channey Tang-Ho on Unsplash

I am tremendously glad to be alone

Silently pleading-

friends don't leave me on my own

I am terribly sad I am alone

Craving nothing-

more than to finally-

be on my own

Alone in Freedom

Thoughts unhindered by outside opinions

Regarding what is correct-

and what manner I must exist in

Alone in oppression

Eerie silence,

blood pounding percussion

Thoughts becoming stale

Unmoved by challenges

Or new considerations

Alone surrounded where nobody

perceives me

No congratulations on my successes

Nor scolding's for my heresy

Did I become a phantom haunting mortal gatherings?

Alone in my house where I perceive myself

Where contemplation thrives or dies

Safe from prying eyes

Left simultaneously craving-

to be connected,

to understand,

the phrase

"You" and "I"

social commentary

About the author

Issac Castle

I enjoy writing in my free time

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