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The Deep

by Apollo Carr about a year ago in heartbreak
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May All the Dreams We Shared Drown

The Deep
Photo by Matt Hardy on Unsplash

What was once an ocean of roiling black pulling me under

waves crashing against the shores of a place that once was

I watched as every fiber of my hopes and dreams

Collapsed into the sea along with me

Now here I float somber and quiet

My tears and screams have long since drowned

My questions were never answered

And the crashing waves only stopped

After they had torn down the world I had built us

I will not drown along with these stupid things

Not even the horrors of the depths will stop me

From seeking a new flame to dry every last drop

Of murky black suffering from my bones

May every last thought of you drown down there

Amongst the wreckage of the deep


About the author

Apollo Carr

A writer hoping their poems might mean something to someone during these times

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