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The daydreamer

by colourtheashes 6 months ago in surreal poetry
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Up in the clouds

The daydreamer
Photo by Zbynek Burival on Unsplash


She isn’t there.

Thinking about something,

Smiling to herself.

Often by herself,

So she could dream,

about the best things that could happened.

Reality doesn’t like her,

So doesn’t she.

That’s alright,

because she isn’t from here.

Staring at the clouds,

there’s nothing.

Inside she’s happy,

that she’s free.

Everything is great,

everything goes her way,

until someone interrupts,

her private space.

Dreams aren’t real,

said the young man.

She doesn’t care,

because reality can be mundane.

As magical it could be,

she doesn’t have the ability,

to tell apart,

what’s real,

and what’s fake.

As long as she’s happy,

nothing has to change.

surreal poetry

About the author


I am a very emotional person who is passionate about photography, travelling, psychology and arts.

I write to escape from reality & share meaningful, truthful stories.

Hope that my story will reach and inspire you in some way! :}

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