The Dark Forest

By Brianna Galligan

The Dark Forest

A dark forest.

The canopy is so thick, rain barely penetrates.

The scents of trees and foliage surround

And caress the senses.

When rain does penetrate,

It creates tiny cascades from the heavens

Which are cool

And surpass even the softest of water.

Small beams of light can be seen

Scattered among the undergrowth

Sent from the sun, so far above.

Beautiful flora nestles among the arbor

And along the banks of a rippling stream.

It’s glistening water is almost celestial in comparison.

If you follow the stream into the distance,

The forest parts to reveal a moonlit beach.

The silver waves collide majestically

Upon the picturesque scene

Of the diamond pebbles amid the sand.

The mist from the sea falls

Upon the porcelain of the face,

Enforcing the senses

And convincing the mind to yearn to stay

Inexorable, wanting to stay as the soul is


nature poetry
Brianna Lynn Galligan
Brianna Lynn Galligan
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Brianna Lynn Galligan
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