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The Confession Of ‘The Other Woman’

The three-person relationship is indeed too crowded

By Life LessonPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 2 min read
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The other woman will never have his love to keep

And as the years go by the other woman

Will spend her life alone



~ 'The Other Woman' by Lana Del Rey

Three of us all stay separately

But I can still feel it's over-crowded

He has to separate his time wisely

I have to be very understanding

Especially during the festive seasons

No one knows loneliness better than me

We three are all very independent

Fiercely value our own private time

We three are good nature people

Each knew the role we play in this union

I don't think she knows my existence

Though she knew about me three decades ago

I don't think she could see any trace of suspicious

For she stays far across the strait for decades

Or she doesn't care about this anymore

All she cares about is going to heaven in the afterlife

As her duty is completed in raising their kids

They both hardly have any conversation

What's more with his superb clean reputation

In all his roles being a son, father, and boss

No one will link infidelity to his clean image

* * *

To her, he is just a provider of sperm and money

To him, she is just a child-bearer and care-taker

While I'm the one that fulfills his unfulfilled needs

In the untangible soul and body, we're buddies forever

He and I have never intended to walk this path

Somehow fate played a trick on us

I know it's immature to finger-pointing

But fate has over-powering us

So we take things as they come

For him, he has got nothing to lose

For her, she has got her financial security

For me, I need to bear the loneliness

Someone is destined to be the loner

In this game of relationship triangle

* * *

Lately, my intuition has been telling me

The big change is on its way soon

There's a chance I can change my route

Though this admirer is less desirable

But we have been good friends for a decade

Think we'll make a good life partners

It's time I'm reconsidering him again

Love is a luxury, let's get practical

So that I can breathe freely

In front of my family and friends

I'll need to make a big decision

That'll shake up this secret union

Our fated story of the past three decades

Is about to change and come to an end

It's time we say goodbye to this struggle

Although my buddy can be my whole world

Where I could be myself and feel secured

But the loneliness is scary and wore me down

There is always something bugging me in my head

Telling me I'll never want to be 'The Other Woman' again

* * *

The heart-wrenching soulful song sang by Lana Del Rey of being 'The other Woman' :

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