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The Complaining Man

A poem.

By A. M. BarrettPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

I am but a man, with naught to gain,

In this world of pain and disdain.

I strive for love, I strive for fame,

But all in vain, my efforts are inane.

I seek the approval of my peers,

But their hearts are closed, their eyes are sears.

I give my all, but still they mock,

And I am left alone, in my own clock.

I am but a man, with naught to show,

In this world where all is fleeting and low.

I wish for love, I wish for friends,

But all in vain, my hopes and ends.

So let me fade, into the night,

For in this world, there is no light.

I am but a man, with naught to give,

In this world where all is but to live.

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About the Creator

A. M. Barrett

I am a writer with a wide range of interests and experiences. My writing is characterized by a unique blend of creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking.

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