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The Colour of My Creativity

by Lindsay Rae Brown 10 days ago in slam poetry


The Colour of My Creativity
Photo by Martin LONGIN on Unsplash

Orange is the colour of creativity.

Castle-building fantasies.

Great globs of world-building galaxies.

Orange is the colour of spontaneity.

The gaiety of pitter-patter feet

upon cold cement.

Beaten path wannabes

freed from boxes made

by mainstream leader-bees.

Shouting loud about my insecurities

not yet blessed with that fabled maturity

blind surety guided my cradle.

I was born orange once upon a time,

grimy yet sublime. Able.

Labelled bad but beautiful.

Orange is teeming with possibility.

Futility nothing but a distant


Orange is daring and daunting

to those who’ve never known its freedom.

Beacons of hope to those who can see them.

Orange is nothing but a memory.

Feathery accessories

made to feel like make-believe reveries.

Orange is no longer sophisticated at my age

indicated by sideways glances, made to craft

awkward circumstances.

So now I’ve turned green.

Blending in with society. Camouflaged

between sixteen and the grind-machine.

Green is the colour of success and accomplishment.

Competence at any rate. Is it fate?

Or an establishment-forced stalemate.

Green is calming and clear.

Here, no one feels uncomfortable.

I am no longer insufferable.

Green is understandable.

Admirable. Palatable.

A security blanket made to feel valuable.

I am green because that’s what’s wanted of me.

A garden pea, identical to those next door, you see.

Easy, safe—one of those beaten path wannabes.

Green is the colour of envy.

Deadly if taken too seriously.

Deliriously gobbling up aplenty.

Until there is nothing left to give.

Forgive me of this forsaking.

It’s just that I miss being orange.

Eccentricity from my castle-building days,

misplaced by these adult ways.

For orange is the colour of my creativity.


Lindsay Brown is a writer who doesn't often dabble in poetry anymore but feels that the orange side of her, is pleasantly fed when she does. Feel free to check out more of Lindsay's work here.

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Lindsay Rae Brown
Lindsay Rae Brown
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Lindsay Rae Brown

Lindsay Brown is a freelance writer who loves to give people a chuckle with relatable stories about everyday life.

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