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The Cold Thought

by Kimi Mormon about a year ago in sad poetry
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By Thomas Mormon

The Cold Thought
Photo by Jonathan Rados on Unsplash

I see your skin go white

Something isn’t right

You said you’d keep me safe from harm

Read the scars that tell a different story on my arm

I try to hold onto your words of hope

I want to scrub my mind of the pain, but I got no soap

Falling into this fucking hole of despair

This heart just too shattered beyond repair

No matter what I do I miss you

Maybe death can be the only way to see out

What’s the point of life if you ain't here?

Shit only gets harder every year

Constantly suffocated by this fear

Keeping myself in check to not lose it

Fuck no I ain't okay not even a little bit

Maybe I should see a doctor and get medicated

But fuck that I don't wanna be sedated

See a full-speed train

Maybe there's an end to this pain

See a bright white light

Too late now but I realize this ain't right

sad poetry

About the author

Kimi Mormon

I post true crime stories. I also post poems and short stories written by my husband, Thomas Mormon.

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