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The Climb

by Monica Wilkinson 12 months ago in inspirational
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Life is a Journey


To stand for something so big

Yet fall for something so small

To run the race that never ends

But land just short of the call

To know and yet do nothing

To study and still fail the test

To make your mark in eternity

And still compromise with all the rest

To have the equipment necessary

But never put the tools to use

To have it explained several times

And still walk away confused

To realize that you are now here

But you are nowhere all the same

To hear the voice of destiny calling

But miss the opportunity that came

To wonder if you can accomplish

To consider if you can succeed

To put into action the vision

To understand that you must believe

To know for a fact that you heard God

To witness the results turn out wrong

To step out in faith and trust Him

And get what your heart desired all along

THIS is the climb.

I wrote this in 2010. It still holds true today. This life is a climb. Doing what you are passionate about is a climb. Walking in the promises of God is a climb! It's the same cycle... You have an idea - It's a part of your passion - You go after idea - It's not easy - You have fear - You think about quitting - You apply faith - You stand and believe - Sometimes you fail - Sometimes you succeed.

During my last trip as a flight attendant, I was in Pordenone, Italy for about 2 weeks. It was a beautiful city right outside of Naples; on the Mediterranean Sea. I remember seeing a beautiful castle in the distance and I walked there with a few other flight attendants. To my surprise this castle had become a tourist attraction because of the view at the top, so we were allowed to walk freely on the inside! There was just one problem. My feet were on fire and there were about 6 sections of very steep stairs to get to the top. I had on my Sperry's and we ALL know that those joints are not comfortable after a while. You know what I did? I sucked it up - walked all of those stairs, because I had a glimpse of what was at the other end.

Remember, the path may be difficult, but it's SO worth getting to the other end.

It's the climb!


About the author

Monica Wilkinson

In a nutshell, creating systems gives me warm fuzzy feelings. Traveling makes feel alive. I'm an extroverted INTROVERT. I love to solve problems for leaders & I thrive in chaos. I write about LIFE. My lessons, my joys, my pains... enjoy!

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