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The Ceiling, The Crone, and The Women Who Tore It Down

The glass ceiling was never strong enough to hold us

By Libby CannonPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

I want to break through the ceilings that have been holding us down

Keeping us in our place and buried in the ground

They've been built by hands sent by the man's bidding

A figure showing power that will never be surrendered

I think if I tap the ceiling, the glass will start to shatter

Because there's light and electricity running through my fingers

I think I have magic in me that always stayed in hiding

I think it was afraid of being accused and found guilty

Of what once was called sorcery

The witches within my ancestry

When all of us women know

The men standing on the ceiling needed the feelings of codependency

I met an older woman once who wore a mask of frailty and age

With knees that wobbled when she walked and lines running through her face

The men all looked at her and laughed

Thinking she had nothing to give

But she looked at me and pointed to the ceiling

Sending the first crack to the glass and sending the men in power reeling

Now they pray to a god to help repair our prison

But they don't know

That their god lives within all of us women

So we'll warm up our magic that they tried to keep frozen

And send a fire so powerful it can take over a whole ocean

We'll send our currents up to the clear, suffocating glass

And watch the expansion growing between each powerful crack

We'll stand below and wait as the ceiling finally shatters

And we'll fly into the sky

Waving goodbye to those who once wrongfully believed

That they actually held power


About the Creator

Libby Cannon

I spend a lot of time writing poetry and short essays on freedom, mental health, societal structures, feminism, and philosophy. Writing is how I process my thoughts and I hope what I share resonates with you :)

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