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The Cat Who Kissed an Angel

Christmas like no other

By Katherine KeyesPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
The Cat Who Kissed an Angel
Photo by İrfan Simsar on Unsplash

Merry Christmas was not to be had for our family

We were all sitting by the tree rather unhappily.

One of our cats passed away a few days before Christmas this year

We felt no joy, gone was the holiday cheer.

Her best friend, a black cat, would sleep by the sparkle of ornaments and lights

Quietly mourning and grieving for several nights.

She too was contemplating our beloved cat who was so dear to us all

And the fond memories all of us would recall.

Then one night we saw the black cat give a glass angel a kiss

We knew then that something between heaven and earth must exist.

That kiss was the most wonderful Christmas gift

Which has given our hearts a lift.

It helped us to again feel love

With the help of the up above

Our cat was with us once more, in our Christmas dreams.


About the Creator

Katherine Keyes

Writing about well-being, self-care and psychology. Occassional poet and fiction writer. Based in Prague. Passionate about coffee, yoga, reading and Toastmasters. Native speaker of Czech, fluent in English (as a second language).

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