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The Cardinal Sin

A poem about changing perspectives

By Julia MarsiglioPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
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Please just hear me out—

it’s something I’ve been

thinking a whole lot about

but it goes against the grain.

I ask—what if the cardinal sin

was never pride, but shame?

What if the way that we place blame

the way we defame and put down

each other is one root of everything

that is hurting in this world?

What if pride is in short supply

and we need to feel it more—

share it, give it, throw it to the wind

until it collects into oceans

of our own self-esteem?

What if by putting away

the blade of shame we can

then begin to dream?

social commentary

About the Creator

Julia Marsiglio

Loss parent. Canadian poet. Fiction and nonfiction writer. Intersectional feminist. Writing on trauma, grief, mental health, marginalization, neurodivergence and more.

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    Julia MarsiglioWritten by Julia Marsiglio

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