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The Butterfly Effect

Small acts of love, big ripple effects

By LauraPublished 11 months ago 1 min read
The Butterfly Effect
Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

Fluttering wings, a delicate dance

A butterfly's flight, a fleeting chance

Yet in its wake, a chain reaction starts

Small ripples of change, touching hearts

A smile, a kind word, a simple act of love

Can create a ripple effect, like a pebble thrown above

It spreads far and wide, in ways we cannot foresee

A small gesture of love, can set someone free

The butterfly flutters on, unaware of its might

Unknowingly changing the world, in its flight

For every act of kindness, like a butterfly's wings

Creates a ripple of change, that echoes and sings

It touches a heart, it brightens a day

And in turn, that person pays it forward in some way

A domino effect, a wave of love that grows

And in its wake, a world of kindness glows

So let us be like the butterfly, spreading love wherever we go

For even the smallest acts of kindness, can create a beautiful flow

Let us be the change we wish to see, in this world we live

And let our love be like the butterfly's wings, with the power to give.

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