The Burden

by Joshua Sanchez 7 months ago in sad poetry

A Poem

The Burden

Pressure rising

Weight mounting

Carrying the world like Atlas

Condemned to an exercise in futility

As I keep the world from its inevitable end

The pillars that once held the world crumble around me

Like dominoes they fall one by one

Till I’m left carrying the weight

The more I feel the crushing weight

The more I want to let go

If I let go, do I become the hero or the villain?

For if I let go, I save myself from oblivion

But I let the world fall

Do I hang on and hope for more pillars to be built?

For if new pillars come, I can finally rest

Knowing the world is in good hands

And it won’t fall because of my own

How long must I wait

For these pillars to relieve me of this burden?

As my knees buckle under the weight

Two thoughts race across my mind

“Save yourself!”

“No! Hold on!”

This choice is the true burden

sad poetry
Joshua Sanchez
Joshua Sanchez
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