The Bullingdon Autocracy

by Jacob Jackson about a month ago in slam poetry

A performance Poem

The Bullingdon Autocracy

V doesn't need to press the detonator on Parliament, It's already crumbling; the pillars of it's institution are falling, democracy is dying, disorderly conduct is rising, The Bullingdon Boy is tantruming, he wants his own way, a ruined economy for his autonomy.

Racism is on the rise, the growth of populism is the tumour that latched itself onto our democracy. These liars who complained suspending Parliament was "an affront to democracy" now roll over to obey their master. Obey the Johnson or be forced forced to resign! The Johnson that stuck its head through the letterbox of number ten, after he tossed the last leader under his "pretty red buses." These Tories are cannibals; they'll eat each other, yet publicly pretended to help one another.

Yet this Johnson was always filled with lies, spouting them on coaches and billboards to the disenfranchised. They fed on the bile and it poisoned their minds; turned their brains rancid, made them think it was the immigrant supporting his family who took away the chance at a better life, that it was the European Union who plummeted business, took all the work and made trade difficult.

We've been poisoned can't you see? By white collar criminals, the tax dodgers, the Swiss Bank account users. They crippled us; they stood and watched as Grenfell burned, they told us they were "doing everything" when the NHS was underfunded, when knife crime was on the rise, as youth centres went into decline and families in poverty was now one in five, 4 million on the

Now the protests begin; the people begin to scream, 1.6 million sign the e-petition to stop an unelected government determining a future we don't want to live in.

Our democracy has failed, but the people show resilience the selfish never will. We have to keep fighting; keep screaming, keep shouting, keep writing shitty poetry and protesting. This is our world, our home, we're not here for long and when our eyes close, I want to say that I was the one who fought against; who stood with the many, said no to the Bullingdon autocracy.

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