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The Bond Of Sisters

A sister is a companion forever

By JANE AYUPublished about a year ago 1 min read
The Bond Of Sisters
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Gracious sisters dear, how might I depict

The bond we share that none can soak up?

From adolescence games to grown-up conflict

Our affection stays consistent throughout everyday life.


We might have battled and conflicted

In any case, consistently figured out how to yield

By the day's end, we know

We're each other's greatest help, a caring bow.


Through various challenges, we stayed together

In radiant days and blustery climate

Our giggling reverberations as the years progressed

Our tears cleaned away, supplanted with cheers.


A sister is a companion forever

A partner who facilitates the hardship

She knows your mysteries, your most profound feelings of dread

Loves you still, despite the tears.


With you, my sisters, I'm rarely alone

For in your organization, my heart sees as home

Our sisterhood is a fortune untold

A power of profound devotion that won't ever become old.


From sharing garments to sharing dreams

Our adoration for one another consistently radiates

For we realize that sisters are a gift

A valuable bond that will constantly inspire.


So here's to you, my dear sisters

In this sonnet, I send you every one of my rankles

In your organization, I track down satisfaction

What's more, value our bond that nobody can obliterate.

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