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The Blessing of A Breeze

Nature, my musings.

By Sarah Fiander HarrisonPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
The Blessing of A Breeze
Photo by Saksham Gangwar on Unsplash

The Blessing Of A Breeze.

A joyful thing is happening today

A soft cool breeze is blowing my way

After the scorching heat, it gives welcome respite

It’s cooling my face, it’s such a delight.

Washing over me still, like a wave to the shore

I sit here hoping it’s opened the door

To some cooler days now the breeze has begun

That will cool us all down, a little less sun:

Will be welcome I’m sure to each and to all,

From workers in shops, to children in school.

Summer is lovely, this is of no doubt

But a lovely cool breeze helps bring about

A feeling of joy, and contentment and calm

It rolls over my face and over my arms

And sitting in the shade but seeing sunshine

Is one of life’s pleasures, and this one is all mine.

nature poetry

About the Creator

Sarah Fiander Harrison

Author of ’Barley the Bear Stories’, I am showcasing my poems here on Vocal.

For all things Barley, please visit barleythebearstories.godaddysites.com or barleythebearstories on Facebook.

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