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The Black Opal

and other gems

By Annie WoodPublished about a year ago 2 min read
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i never wanted this

this mediocrity bestowed upon me

was palatable at first

no better, no worse

just the same

unopposed uniformity/i began to luxuriate in monotony 

i became complacent/an embracer of the mundane

a settler in security 

i found myself forgotten - (but maybe i’m the one who relinquished attempt)

i am mortified and mystified…i thought after all this time

i just thought I’d be more 

uninvited uniformity delivered me

to that fateful day

arriving like an unexpected ulcer  

it was the moment when i was introduced to a bewildering Black Opal —this rare beauty seldom seen in these parts

she traveled so far to be here yet she is

unbothered by her broken down

by her billion years of erosion

she is geological history— a mystery 

oh! so self-imposed/oh! how i was in awe of her command

she wasted no time with pleasantries, reached out for my heart, and pulled me across the sand

to meet… A Rose Quartz!

and upon her acquaintance, i immediately grew dizzy

by her unspeakable elegance—she didn’t seem to mind that she wasn’t a Black Opal— she gleamed her own kinda gleam

my admiration and envy made me fain

but before i could be devoured by the soft sands beneath me

i was lead away once more to be delivered to another

and so on

and so on

each piece of earth, more impressive than the last

have you ever met a Burmese Tourmaline?

The clarity! The polish!

(it’s simply not to be believed)

The Watermelon Tourmaline looks good enough to eat

(but don’t) 

you’ll break your teeth

oh how i wish to break your teeth

to possess the power to puncture 

to impress / influence / annihilate 

to stop you in your steps so you will happily pause. your. life.

just.. to pick me up

just…to get a closer look

i wish you’d take me home and de-grit-afy me

i wish my specialness would illuminate the lives of all who gazed upon me my crystalized face/my glowing minerals

sealed with a high gloss sealer for all eternity

now the ground beneath us splits apart / now every window shatters from the quakes of my desires 

now we have a sun too hot

a wind too fierce

the world refuses to listen so i must threaten it with an earth-annihilating tornado

to get its attention

i am spinning in and out of the light

delirious with threats i can not muster

declarations i can not realize

i am not able to alter the grand plan





i am mortified and mystified…i thought after all this time

i just thought I’d be more 

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Annie Wood

I'm a neurodiverse Hollywood native who writes fiction, plays & poetry. A common theme of mine is embracing your youness by not following the fold. I am in perpetual motion.

+ TV/Film/VO actor & mixed media artist.

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