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The black dress

by Jeannine Kauffmann about a year ago in sad poetry

waiting for the funeral

The black dress
Photo by Yehor Milohrodskyi on Unsplash

will that do for my husband's funeral,

she thinks.

He loved that dress so much,

I wore it so often

people thought we couldn’t afford another one

or that he was too tight to spend money on me.

But he loved that dress so much,

so many memories.

This is where we stood for our wedding picture,

stiff, worried, and frightened,

My mum had given me a leaflet to read

and my married friends had explained.

I knew already but was good at pretending, otherwise.

This dress, I will wear it one more time for him,…

or should I bury it with him.

A keep safe, a shared life

and the waltzes we dance me wearing that dress,

Will that do for my husband's funeral,

He'd approve and then would want to be buried with it.

sad poetry

About the author

Jeannine Kauffmann

Poetry writer in the early morning. Poetry as a wake up call. Then later I draw lines and colours. I have a page on Instagram my art other than words although it contains words too. Titles are important to finish a piece like a full stop.

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