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The Beginning of an End

by Kelsey Paulina 3 years ago in sad poetry
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Photo taken 11/04/2019 after putting these words on paper.


i am fascinated,

in repose,

as my dead soul performs acts of destruction

along pulsing lines of its

fleshy home.



by the crimson eruption


across the topography of my skin.

i thought that


with the precision of a steel blade

i'd come to reveal a mass of

tangled electrical fibres...

that i could tear them

from their orthopaedic bind and


find peace from this




i am fascinated,


by the

dearth solitude,


paucity in trepidation,


absolute absence

of anything,

anything at all.


I wrote this poem in a dissociated state at a time when my life felt like it was falling apart and I no longer possessed the necessary skills or coping mechanisms to get through each passing moment that I was still breathing.

In the same evening, I sat on the floor by our front door, taking pictures of myself in the mirrored closet doors in hopes that the still-frames would reveal to me some alternate perspective that I could grasp a shred of inspiration from to get through the following 12 hours. Everywhere I searched for motivation to keep going, I came up with nothing.

This was the beginning of the end of many chapters in my life, but at the time, I had absolutely no idea.

Final note: you can find this poem in a collection of others with a similar theme in my upcoming book of poetry titled The Final Toast, set to release September 9, 2019 on Amazon in paperback and e-book formats. Available for pre-order starting July 29, 2019.

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sad poetry

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Kelsey Paulina

Strange. Unique. Rationally nonsensical.

One day, I would love to be able to quit my job and pursue writing, drawing, and other creative avenues full-time.

Creating and engaging with my imagination is what I was made to do.

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