The Art of Giving Up

Struggling to Be in on This Chaotic Life

The Art of Giving Up

Burning desire to lay in bed all day,

Mundane things need to be done,

Laundry - errands - dinner, it's all hell.

Responsibility seeps through,

Nagging at your core,

Dragging you to one thing to the next,

The demons reside in your mind,

They bring you down,

Trapping you in a horrendous mindset,

You want to run but you can't get away from the ultimate monster - yourself.

Fleeing, that's the answer,

But it's not.

Rotting away doesn't help,

You grow tired with yourself,

With everything,

Life ticks on without you,

Leaving you in the dust,

Feeling abandoned like a bag of garbage on the side of the backroad.

Falling apart...

The alarm clock rings,

You wake up and begin again from the start.

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Waverleigh Rose Garlington

Gentry Rose is the self proclaimed author of the ongoing book For You I Will. She spends her free time writing and reading. She has three cats and one boyfriend, all whom she is immensely fond of.

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