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The Anticipation Preparation

by May 13 days ago in art

The ritual leading to craft time

My complete, layered art-piece, right before being framed

…Mug goes back in the kitchen...

…pens back in the drawer…

…work laptop off the desk…

…papers get stacked together,

I’ll sort them out later,

I keep telling myself…

Time to do a wipe-down

This table is finally empty

And ready for some fun

I run to my craft closet

And give it a quick scan

So many things to choose from

Solid, textured, colored paper

Pen knives, scissors and metal rulers

Double-sided sticky foam

Boil the water, prepare the coffee

Phone on silent, no interruptions

Some ambient music on

Once the paper touches the table,

scissors in my hand

the cooling coffee set aside

A transparent bubble is created

Engulfing me and my art table

Taking me on a mindful ride

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