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That's Where You'll Find Her

By: Kelsey Syble

By Kelsey SyblePublished 2 years ago 1 min read
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Endless fields of grass and dandelions underneath a blazing sun, the sky blue and bright.

That's where you'll find her, twirling within the confinement of her adolescent innocence.

A convertible with the top down, driving over crunchy gravel roads in the country.

That's where you'll find her, with her eyes closed and hands held high.

A half moon peeking in from between tall trees, casting a spotlight across a desolate room.

That's where you'll find her, holding herself because she is alone and afraid of what tomorrow brings.

A clear ocean washing over pristine sand, over and over again in rhythmic melody.

That's where you'll find her, sitting in silence beside a man whose company punctures her.

Bursts of red, blue, and white in a blackened sky, casting shadows on a beach and across the faces of loved ones.

That's where you'll find her, a full smile across her face as she's content within the company of new friends.

The strange hours between night and day.

That's where you'll find her, focusing on the thumping of her own heartbeat to drown out the throbbing loneliness.

Sitting in the backseat of her car in an empty parking lot, beside an even emptier man whose company enthralls her.

That's where you'll find her, gazing up at a full moon as he leaves her just as quickly as he joined her.

Tall buildings with blinding lights, offering solace and shining spotlights to guide her home.

That's where you'll find her, walking home alone and securing a bandaid atop a gaping wound.

A past she can't rewrite. A present she never expected. A future she can't envision.

That's where you'll find her.

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About the Creator

Kelsey Syble

A Southern-born-and-raised writer now navigating life in NYC.

📸 🎥 @kelseysyble

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