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That is what They say

by Max J 9 days ago in social commentary
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Poems have to be smart and witty,

They must make you feel a certain way,

Poems need to look pretty

To write a poem might take all day,

But poems often have more to say.

This poem, has to be smart and witty

You have to write this poem today

It must be perfect and written with no delay,

But it needs to look pretty

Deep inside the mind, the truth tries to break away;

But you must not falter, do not put it on display.

Poems must be smart and witty

Those inner workings say they lead you astray

Do not listen to them, betray ---

Poems need to look pretty

Everyone tells you that you did okay,

But you know different and that sticks with you everyday.

You must be smart and witty.

None of your poems are very pretty.

social commentary

About the author

Max J

I'm here to get better and to be human. I want to fail and learn and get better and become a stronger human and writer because of it. It will be mostly poems until my book is done. After that, who knows?

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  • Angelina F. Thomas3 days ago

    Blissful sheer excellence. Keep up the amazing work.

  • great text. Amazing..

  • Just Daniel7 days ago

    Excellent, witty indeed and feels like you directly splatted the trail of thoughts in your mind onto paper. I sometimes do this too, but more often than not, my mind wanders and the brilliant trail of thoughts only becomes a single footstep onto the pavement. And then I am stuck. Not remembering and not knowing where else to go.

  • Deep inside the mind, the truth tries to break away; But you must not falter, do not put it on display. A great set of thoughts I resonate with. Great work indeed hearted

  • Natalia Grin8 days ago

    Agree and don't agree. But witty, yes.

  • I like it very much and please continue :)

  • A poem does not always have to be smart and witty Some of the best ones written feel pretty shitty At least they do when they're off the top of your head Some of them seem crazy, especially if you're up late and not in bed Sometimes the meaning doesn't have to be deep A few have been conjured from a lack of sleep Yes, not all poems are equal, not comparable to each other Most poems are from different minds in different times, Born from different fathers and mothers They don't always have to have a double meaning A double entendre They're not always intentional leaning To concepts, ideas, or abstracts they sway The inner workings will always be at play The best councils kept neigh sayers near, not at bay Poems don't always have to have be appealing or mystique Poems don't always have to come under such harsh critique Like the truth, let them flow It's better to have the ugly truth than the best dolled up lie on show Sure, poems may need to be witty and need to be smart Yet, there's something about them that we pour so much into with our heart

  • Kendall Defoe8 days ago

    They do say a lot, don't they? Thank you for this one... Very...pretty? 🤔

  • Md Anisul Karim9 days ago

    “I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.

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