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Test of Time

by g.m.t 20 days ago in inspirational · updated 5 days ago

the right people wont leave your side. but some times they do.

surreal artist Salvador Dali’s “The eye of time” containing rubies and diamonds.

”time is on our side”

so, why do we run and hide

trespassing, crossing all those thin lines

working tirelessly

to make sense of a dark mind

all the time in the world

still wouldn’t be enough for what the future could hold

but, for days like today

i save my next move for something bold

my moods fracture under the weight of air suffocating and cold

no remedy for memory

the past is unreliable well so am i

so familiar with instability

why would you forget what you were told

if i were able to speak without my voice shaking

and look you dead on without my attention breaking

maybe i wouldve been of better use

but the future is unreliable

and so are you




just venting, stringing words together to make sense of my thoughts.

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