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by Gracie Packard 10 months ago in inspirational
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leaning into a deep, gentle, loving relationship with the needs of my inner child

tonight i played

i played in the dappled sun shadows that land on my front door right before dusk to paint my cheeks with one last kiss of warmth

i twirled in my prettiest dress just because it makes me feel radiant and pretty and sexy and honestly a little giddy

(when i was little, each dress i bought had to withstand a twirl test and let me tell you younger me would look at all this tulle and sparkle with abounding glee)

i sprinkled rosy diamonds across the windowsill with blushing wine and watched them glitter in wonder

i danced to build me up buttercup like it was my sole purpose on earth and watched my feet float across the maple of my living room floor without even a second thought of shame

tonight, i played in the sheer euphoria of loving myself deeply, intimately, and gently.

tonight, i played in the beauty of my own unconditional self-tending.

tonight, i played in the sweet celebration of my soul, taking me on a joy ride to bliss on a thursday night at 7:48 pm

for no particular reason

except but to dance in my twirliest dress

on my living room floor.


About the author

Gracie Packard

alchemist of words + wonder, hope + humanity.

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