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Tender Caress: The Warmth of Love

The Mirror of Love's Purity

By Vaz BavPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Your eyes, a window to your soul,

Reflect the light that makes me whole,

And in their depths, I see a love,

Pure as the heavens above.

Your touch, a tender caress,

A loving warmth that I confess,

Sets my heart ablaze with passion,

And fills me with a deep compassion.

Your voice, a sweet, melodious sound,

That lifts me up when I'm feeling down,

And in its notes, I hear a song,

That carries me through day and night long.

With every breath that I take,

I feel my heart begin to shake,

With the love that I hold for you,

A love that's pure, and forever true.

And so my darling, hear my heart,

A love that will never depart,

A bond that we both hold so dear,

A love that will always be near.

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About the Creator

Vaz Bav

I am a storyteller at heart, using words to convey emotions and ideas. My diverse experiences bring depth and perspective to my writing, creating impactful and engaging content. Let's explore the power of words together.

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