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Ten Things I've Learned

Love Yourself and Others

By Brenda BertucciPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Ten Things I've Learned
Photo by Catalin Pop on Unsplash

Ten things I’ve learned about myself.

Ten things I’ve learned about life.

Never take things for granted.

Never let them know your not there.

Never walk away when fighting. Be sure you clear the air.

Always say sorry my dear.

Look them in the eyes when its something important or not …and talk clear.

Be aware of loved ones.

See them for who they are.

Let their light shine bright and don’t stand in their light to shine yours.

Be still as much as you can,

To hear that small voice inside.

That guides you and protects you from your daily life.

Smile at those around you, for you never know who may need it.

Ten things I've learned about myself.

Ten things I've learned about life.

So many more, that I am out of control to list and say it right.

Oh life has its challenges for sure.

But it also has so much to embrace.

Appreciate the good and the bad.

For without them we’d never withstand.

They help shape and mold us.

Tell and show us who we are to be.

Let the light shine that you have deep inside and be all God made YOU to be.

Know that your not a failure. For that is a lesson not who you are.

Instead know that is what teaches you things.

Lift your head high and be proud of who you are,

Because without you life wouldn’t be the same.

By Mayur Gala on Unsplash

Love, give, teach, learn, grow, dream, hope, forgive, let go, and believe.


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