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Tell Me

by Jennifer Doscher 5 months ago in love poems
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Lyrics with no words.

Tell Me
Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

Tell me, Baby, what’s on your mind

I know you wanna leave it all behind

But, please, speak your peace first

Tell me just how much it hurt

When I walked away, when I messed it up

For the both of us, for the both of us

Tell me, Love, what was in your heart

Before you pushed us apart

Say what you couldn’t say that day

When your heart needed a new way

To heal and grow and just be held

And I couldn’t see past my own hell

Tell me, Dear, how it felt all alone

I want to hear the truth, let light be shone

No secrets, no hiding, it can’t be worse

Than what’s gone through mind, a curse

I’m grateful for what I’ve learned but

Wish I could regrow what’s been burned

Tell me, now, what you feel inside

Please, Baby, please, don’t hide

I know the facts, I know the story

Be heard, even if it’s damnatory

Let it be said, then let it be, let it be

You’ll always have apology from me

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About the author

Jennifer Doscher

Every detail creates a larger image, just as letters create words, notes create chords, and even the most subtle nuance creates or changes the relationship of one to another.

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