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Tears of Gold on my Brown Skin

by Nia on Air 10 months ago in social commentary

By: Karmen Grey

Photo by Lucxama Sylvain from Pexels

Why do black women cry in the dark? What are we crying about this time? A superwoman with no respect, yet she must put a smile on her face and save the world.

You don't have time for your head to be down, black queen; you have too much to do?

How dare you show anger, sadness, hurt?

Do you not feel those emotions, black queen?

Those emotions are left to the weak, that you are not.

You can not be; your ancestors taught you better than that.

You, too, feel that angry black queen?

Dare you to act on it; they will call you an animal, they will tell you that you are not worthy.

Black Queens have bred their white children, black queens teach their white children, white people have lived off the back of a queen's hard work, but dare a queen to cry gold tears.

Black Queen, hold your head high and say you deserve more.

Is it the disrespect the black queen must face?

Black queen, will that ever happen?

Even some of our black kings do not acknowledge our worth.

Do white people sexualize our style because we are astonishing, remarkable, extraordinary, unforgettable?

See, this volume of brown skin isn't just "brown" as some may call it; this skin isn't "too dark" or "too light" this skin is the skin of a goddess that cries tears of gold.

Are white people mad because they can not compare?

Black queens are healthy; why do you think they experiment on us?

Inject syphilis into the less fortunate to call it science, do not forget your history.

But why don't white people go to their neighborhoods and inject Becky with the same experiment?

Becky, her skin is not built like gold that sparkles with the kiss of the sun.

Because Becky's tears will drown their ocean, leaving them confused with what to do next.

Why do white people feel that brown queens can handle the pain?

They forced us to breastfeed their children, hoping our greatness will run into their souls.

They wanted to enjoy our food because it feeds their souls.

They love our dance, culture, thoughts, ideas, creations, fashion, education, shit they love our vibes.

The vultures of the culture because they could never create at it.

They can only steal it, but we are the thieves.

You want to laugh with or at us, you want to vibe with us, you want to be "down" with us...

But you can never stand with us; that is against your "American Rights."

You can not stand up against your people for us because you do not want to be black.

White people do not want to get handled differently if opposite.

You do not want the world to look at you as less than because your skin is darker.

Neither do we!

The tears we cr may be magical may happen in the dark, they may occur in the shower, but these gold tears fall.

Black Queens submerged in pain with the world strapped to our shoulders.

Pain for our people who are demonized by systematic racism.

Pain for our children that we have to publicly executed in the street because if a white person says, "they fear for their life.," our life is justified to be taken.

You do not want to cry the tears of gold because you could never handle being in our shoes.

Being a black queen is not to be pitied; being a black queen means speaking up to others who disagree.

If you knew the history, you see the pain.

Black queens cry tears of gold on a brown skin black queen.

We don't look for your sympathy; we are past that.

We don't look for your understanding because we know you could never.

We want to be respected.

Our brown skin, our healthy minds, our excellent drive, the way black queens wear their crowns (hair), our dances, our culture, our music, our industry, our determination, our strength.

Our strength is obligatory; our power drains us; our strength is what hinders our growth.

Not because we have so much of it, but because racist white America believes we can handle it, we can, but in their world without a break.

Let's be clear; we love our brown skin; our weaknesses that you see are our strengths.

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Nia on Air

Mental Health Survivor, Poetry Lover, Thought Speaker, Truth-Teller.

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