Taste of your Own Medicine

By Iris Willow Greene

Taste of your Own Medicine
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Living my life, feeling a little different

Feels like the world is crashing down on me

This pain I feel? Is it real?

Feels like my heart was ripped out of my chest

Feel the numbness, been hurt by someone

Feeling the heat, I'm fucking pissed, please fuck off

I had just started feeling the light, happy for once

My heart beats fast, can barely breath

Is this real? Can it be?

Starting to feel annoyed, someone's not listening

All the smoke and mirrors disappear

Things keep repeating, its bullshit

Feeling betrayed, my trust was fucking broken

Knew it was too good to be true

Something was gonna give sooner or later

I'm feeling like a motherfuckin machine

With all the wires, a lab rat at the seams

Tears of shame roll down, fuck you

With all the guilt tripping

Trying to make a bomb out of me

I'm not gonna break under the pressure

With you smothering me, its driving me insane

I have no choice but to stay away

The toxicity and the pain is constantly making my heart constrict,

Knowing your probably not meaning to

Knowing is probably another manipulation

In the world we live in today,

We all wear masks, but your mask is permanent

Struggling to stay away, but you try pulling me back

Can't you see your hurting me?

I don't think you care as long as I'm under your thumb

You treat me like you know me

but you barely watched me grow

The way you wanted me to be

is no longer who I am

Time to have a taste of your own medicine

Because I'm spitting out whatever you gave me

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Iris Willow Greene
Iris Willow Greene
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Iris Willow Greene

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