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Taste of Love

by Tasha about a year ago in love poems
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Keep searching

I tried love once...

It has an aquired taste.

It had a gritty, grainy texture

And at times it felt like eating paste..

It left a dry lump in my throat, and gave me heartburn

The feeling drove me crazy, yet I longed for it's sweet return... over and over... and over again.

I thought It was gonna be fufilling..

you know,

That "Stick to your ribs" feeling

But instead, it stuck in my mind

Time after time, and day after day

I buried myself in other things, praying and hoping that it would just.. go.. Away

Yet and still, it never did

And when you have your first taste,

It makes you feel giddy inside just as if you were a little kid.

It brings you joy and you laugh and smile more than you ever thought possible.

There's different flavors so to find JUST the right one for you, sometimes feels impossible.

But keep searching.

Some are bitter and others sweet

The more you taste the more you think each kind is a spin cycle that's been left on repeat.

But then the day will come, when you don't taste paste anymore.

The day you try your favorite flavor that will make you beg for more... and more... and more.

love poems

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single mother of 4 with a passion for writing.

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