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Tall Like a Tree

by Nicole Caldwell 5 months ago in social commentary
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Roe v Wade sits within me

Brave fir tree

tell your secrets to me.

You've grown so tall

through it all.

Your trunk has scars

and your bark has been charred.

In a world gone wrong

how do you stay strong?

"It's my heartwood inside,

it's wildly alive.

The harder the wind blows,

the more I thrive."

"And flames, my Love,

only go bark-deep.

They can't burn up

the hope that I keep."

"And man, my Dear,

could chop me down, I suppose.

But, I'll tell you the secret

Mother Earth knows."

"Using up my wood

won't do man much good

because the price he'll pay

is a lifetime of shade."

"When he chops us all,

it will be his turn.

With no shade left,

he's the one who will burn."

"We will grow again,

sisters swaying in the breeze.

And man will learn

he can't control the trees."

"Trust your heartwood, Love,

because here's the deal,

you are the strong one,

man's power isn't real "

social commentary

About the author

Nicole Caldwell

I passionately share poetry of hope in our times.

Not blind hope, but the kind that burns no matter how strong the storm.

Through story and art, we burn brightly together.

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Comments (3)

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  • Annie Edwards 4 months ago

    This is really good! That ending is perfect :)

  • Charlene Dawkins4 months ago

    It is beautiful; keep on writing.

  • Daphne Faye5 months ago

    Beautiful. And what a great last line! Thank you for sharing this!

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