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Talk To The Abyss

by Issac Castle 8 months ago in heartbreak
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It’s scared

Talk To The Abyss
Photo by Sebin Thomas on Unsplash

The words “I love you” stand on the tip of my tongue.

They don’t dance or leave the edge. But sometimes they slide backwards where they came from;

the Abyss.

I asked it why it won’t let “I love you” go free.

Turns out the abyss is terrified for me.

It spoke, “If they know you love them, then they’ll kill us.”

I stood still, just like the “I love you”

And I questioned, “What do you mean?”

The abyss reeled back then whispered, “Don’t you remember?!”

In a scratchy scared voice.

The kind of voice that belongs to a raven that’s injured.

I murmured a response gently, “Yes, I remember.”

The abyss tutted grumpily.

I patted it on the head, “We’re wiser now, we know how to judge character.”

I insisted.

It reeled back inhaling to speak or maybe scream;

but instead I felt an exhale within me.

Rumbles followed, reminding me of thunder as it spoke again, “I won’t forgive you if you’re wrong.”

A proud smile stretched my lips and crinkled the skin around my eyes.

“This time it’s different.”


About the author

Issac Castle

I enjoy writing in my free time

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