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Talk Stern To Me

by Issac Castle 8 months ago in inspirational
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Talk Stern To Me
Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

I dictated to myself and the bags under my eyes

We’re not done yet guys

These tired phases are nothing but a disguise

Because we don’t run away or hide

We sleep like wolves and rise

We’re the unstoppable force

We’re the immovable object

We are going back to bed

And then tomorrow morning we’re back out to conquer

Our dreams won’t create themselves

Time flies no matter what we do

So tomorrow after sleeping it’s just me and you,

Saggy eyes,

Me and You vs Me and You

And we’re not letting ourselves get in the way of all the activities we burn to do

Write those books

Hug those friends

Rock those looks

Bring home the bacon again

Clean those nooks

Lift heavier at the gym

We’re doing all of those things whether you’re with me or not

Tomorrow’s all we’ve got

We’re not wasting it

We’re not



About the author

Issac Castle

I enjoy writing in my free time

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