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Tale of Some Man

by Adesh Acharya 7 months ago in performance poetry
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Slowly but surely a man gets used to a lot of things...

Photo by Alexandr Podvalny from Pexels

And slowly but surely

as the days go by

A man gets used to a lot of things:

Anxieties from women

Heartaches from his failures,

The wannabe and so-called musicians, celebrities

The all-important diplomatic bastards

The posers, the pretentious

The dogs’ wails and all so many things!

He gets tired of trying,

And of every load,

every feeling he has ever had to bear!

He gets used to adversity

not before calling it worse than death itself!

and so...

He gets used to death itself.

Yes, he gets used to death too,

and then...

he gets tired of life

and everything it possibly contains!

nothing matters to him anymore:

Absolutely Nothing!

He then merely passes his time,

looks around and tries to understand

Yet he understands nothing!

and then he gets used to not understanding too

And then he understands.

performance poetry

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