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Tale of Fiori Wilhelmina Wilt:

Narrative Poem

Tale  of Fiori Wilhelmina Wilt:
Photo by amirmasoud on Unsplash

When Fiori Wilhelmina Wilt,

Princess of the Fair-folk

was but a wee bulb,

the wind Goddess Wisk,

forcefully, gales her across the sea-

Where salt glaciers gleam

To an unknown land,

where seasons never change

Rivers never ran

Trees shriveled

She flits around

Galant, Galavanting, Giddy

All her surroundings

dissolve worrying-

Mounds of sands are breathing,

Mountains of briny air waft in

Salt and sand

A dessert princess

Wears a crown of sea salt crystals

Fair warning,

Don’t cross her!


Over her pink sea salt circle


You may become just another gain of pink dust,

she holds on the cusp

of her mood hourglass pendant!

nature poetry
Saroyan Coles
Saroyan Coles
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