Taking the Time

by Hannah B 21 days ago in inspirational

"stop and smell the flowers"...

Taking the Time
Art by Amber Vittoria

Everyone tells you to remember to stop and smell the flowers.

"Enjoy the little things."

I was sure to take time to stop and smell the flowers.

I was so worried about




and then I remembered the enjoying.

The earth under my feet was strong, yet pillowy soft. I was supported and almost greeted by the grass that stood at attention.

Perhaps the grass had wished I would stop and notice it more often.

Perhaps the waving trees and the ladybugs on their morning commute had sometimes stopped to notice me, too.

I wondered what the flowers we are told to stop and smell so often did to enjoy the little things. You know, instead of stopping to smell themselves.

I wondered.

Perhaps a flower was so happy being a flower that it does not have to stop to enjoy.

the flower I had stopped to smell seemed to beam up at me, inviting me, maybe smelling me back.

And instead of




the flowers, I decided today to just

be a flower.

I enjoyed;

not just the little things, but the big things, too.

I wonder if anyone will stop to smell me.

I hope they like lavender deodorant.

Hannah B
Hannah B
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