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Take Responsibility.

by Joe Patterson 2 months ago in inspirational
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The answer is You.

Take Responsibility.
Photo by Nik Shuliahin 💛💙 on Unsplash

Take responsibility. If you start something, you have to finish it. You can’t look to the rest of the world to replenish it.

Take responsibility. Be your own man. The fate of your future lies in your own hands.

Take responsibility. Everyone shouldn’t have to dance around your sensitivity and fragility.

Take responsibility. At night you stay awake ruminating over consequences of your mistakes.

Take responsibility. To all your choices do you need to own up and recognize that it’s time for you to be a grown up.

Take responsibility. Don’t be afraid of decisions. Be content with the fact that you made a decision.

Take responsibility. If you allow yourself to drown in a bowl of emotions you won’t be able to control your emotions.

Take responsibility. Stop putting people through the ringer, denying your faults and pointing fingers.

Take responsibility. Life is not a game, but if you treat it like such, you’ll live one of shame.

Take responsibility. Turn all the stress of your life into the best of your life for the rest of your life.


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Joe Patterson

Hi I'm Joe Patterson. I am a writer at heart who is a big geek for film, music, and literature, which have all inspired me to be a writer. I rap, write stories both short and long, and I'm also aspiring to be an author and a filmmaker.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran2 months ago

    Such an empowering and inspirational poem!

  • Rick Henry2 months ago

    I usually pass over these type "preachy" writings. But, I took the time to read this because you are an immensely talented writer. At this point you are one of my two favorite writers. The other is Tiffany Gordon. Anyhow, you won me over with your story Birth of a Universe. That was super amazing. May I say that story was a stroke of genius. I do plan on going through your entire Vocal catalog of writing and will eventually read everything you write. Let's get back to Take Responsibility. You actually did a very good job with this. It is obvious that you wrote this with passion and experience. Although there are two spots in this writing that I wish to comment: "Be your own man," so I get it... But with that one line you cut out half of your potential readership. Women also must take responsibility for their lives. "Be your own person" would have been a better way to write it. Just be changing that one line the poem is now open to all people - not just to men Also the line; "Everyone shouldn't have to dance around your sensitivity." Makes me think that while we shouldn't be so sensitive that everything hurts our feelings. We should also be awake to other people's situations and feelings and be responsible for the words we use while communicating. Some people call it speaking "politically correct" but I call it being a person with good sense and intelligence. Anyhow very good job with a sort of writing that I generally skip over.

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