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Take away the pain

Even in the darkest times we wish the pain away.

By MICHELLE SMITHPublished 6 months ago • 1 min read
I won't let you fall!

I wish I could take away your pain

Your silence says everything

You are in my thoughts and prayers always

I wish I could take your pain away

I would hold you and comfort you as you like

I wish I could cure the pain on site

No one should have to suffer from all that you have

You are not alone unless you decide that

I will wait for you as long as you need

There is nothing medical or mental that would chase me away

I would love to take away your pain

Place a smile across your face

Be the one to cure the pain

Even if for a little time it faded away

Thinking of you constantly, wishing I could help

Rattles my brain when I cannot figure it out

I miss your text, your questions too

I am starting to miss you

I wish I could take away your pain, bring back the man with the twenty-one questions again

We've all been hurt, whether by family or a loved one. It is what we do with that pain that helps us through. We have to go through trials, tribulations, and lessons to learn from those mistakes and to find the right path. Even though it hurts, it will pass. No matter what you go through just remember you don't have to go it alone and there is someone out there who loves and wants to go through it with you. Don't shut out those who want to be there for you, try your best to open up and let them in.

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An inspirational poet. Writing poems to show others that it is okay to show feelings another way. I've tried a couple articles but I've found I'm better at the poetry. Just want to inspire and encourage others through tough times.

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