Symptoms of Heartbreak

by Bailey Damico 2 years ago in heartbreak

A Poem

Symptoms of Heartbreak

Falling in love wasn't like the movies showed,

it was like sky diving.

I tried to control my fall,

but the air cut through my clothes

burning my skin

leaving me breathless.

The faster I dropped,

the more I fell in love.

I met your blue eyes,

as the plane opened up,

sucking my body out.

I tried to grab you,

but you were out of my reach.

I fell as you watched from above,

my tears falling with me.

As I reached the bottom,

my head cracked, body shattering

into millions of broken shards.

The thick dark air consumed the pieces,

and in time, forced them back together.

Piece by piece I came back to life

only feeling empty inside.

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