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Swirling spirals of soul

by Robert mackenna 7 months ago in art

Swirling spirals of soul

Swirling spirals of soul
Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Swirling spirals of soul

the weight of the world controlled

a ebb in the rivers edge

all the places I have declared as sacred

when will you see the divinities

as they hold their placement?

she let herself be desecrated

and I'm just playing for keeps

I know my engines enigmatic

though I often feel the static

in all of my belief ,we are what we believe

relieved from the sea

a salty oceanic mist covers me

and I shed my mind within all of time

to describe all I could apply

and the subtle flightless wings of my past

the way I force a laugh

the condemnation is a beautiful mask

how the hatred makes us choose matters in gas

running on fumes

talking in truth

humble roots of views

the fortune earned within my company

a revival of what's lovely

attraction feel my magnetism

were two different forms of madness

Together we will be magic .


Robert mackenna

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