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Sweetest Flame

by Alixzandra Wiseman 3 months ago in love poems

I'm very much a follower of Loki and recently have been shown a great many things to do with his emotions towards his wife Sigyn, which have inspired a number of poems.

Sweetest Flame
Photo by ella peebles on Unsplash

She dances within the flames of illusion , her magic a gift from an ancient Nordic God , a God whom loved her so deeply that he could not bare to part from her.

He went through ever rebirth , looking and searching for his sweetest flame , till he found her dancing once again in the flames that surround her limbs as she danced and sung that midsummers eve.

Such elegance of a mortal born goddess , yet this God of flames and tricks is devoted to all his followers . Loki the God of tricks, magic and chaos , he has a great many lovers but none quite like her, she his wife.

For he sees her astral to his mortal form, yet grace his spiritual self as well, they are far apart yet aware of they connection and never flee from each other . Their bodies, hearts, minds and souls deeply bound together , for she with her hair of dark flames , dancing freely this midsummer eve, and within that untameable flame of his heart is his sweetest flame kept safe for her and her alone.

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Alixzandra Wiseman
Alixzandra Wiseman
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Alixzandra Wiseman
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