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Sweet Lilly

by Tewahway 4 months ago in sad poetry
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Some Questions Are Best Left Unasked

What did she see, that sweet Lily?

See in the depths of the well

“Someone’s down there, calling to me!

Echoing like a death knell.”

There’s no one down there, sweet Lily

Nothing’s there deep in the dark.

Listen to papa, listen, please

His wisdom I beg you to hark

“Nothing can be, sweet Lily,

Alive in the depths of that pit.

If there were, just leave it be,”

Mother would scream in a fit

As time did pass, that sweet Lily

Found her freedoms restricted

Never to know, how could she?

Her parents already convicted

“Where are my brothers?” asked Lily

Hoping for someone to play

“An only child, no brothers have ye”

Barked father, red with dismay

Hunger grew, for sweet Lily

Her frame now feeble and frail

Solid food, how long had it been?

She wondered, deep from her jail

Prayers now answered, for sweet Lily,

She drank up the fresh summer’s air

“Is it all over, am I now free?”

As sunlight tickled her hair

Led slowly outside, sweet Lily

She knew something was amiss

Her parents waited, absent of glee

Met her with less than a hiss

“If only you’d been good, Lily

Behaved and given to cession

Instead you have ignored our pleas

Taken with so many questions”

Into the depths, gazed sweet Lily

Noticing something that bobbed

‘Neath water’s surface, she nearly screamed

Witnessing life that was robbed

Deep down she knew, poor sweet Lily

Knew there were secrets to tell

She’d join her curious family

Deep in the dark of that well.

sad poetry

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"Tewahway? How do you even say that?" Honestly, so long as you try, you're doin' it right!

I mainly write horror fiction, but I'm here to spread my wings and soar like a literary baby bird.

https://www.talesbytravel.com/short-stories for more

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