A poem about where I reside in Canada


Beige brick townhouses

silent spaces of greenery

kids playing ball hockey

in the city of Richmond Hill.

Golden synagogues

white marble mosques

wooden pagoda temples

and grey silver churches

a sacred ground for all folks.

Russian supermarkets,

Asian eateries,

music stores,

painters shoppes

and mahogany stone libraries

an outdoor mall of many places.

The scent of sweet lilies

the spicy lemongrass haze

enters my nostrils as I

stroll around the picturesque park.

The chant of the drums

the song of the forenoon wind

plays in the family hood.

Neon playgrounds

slides, swings, hammocks

and candy apple evergreens

a nearby public lounge.

nature poetry
Talia Devora
Talia Devora
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Talia Devora

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