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Sunny Beach Bliss

A Place of Peace and Beauty

By Priyank AgrawalPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

Golden sand, blue sea,

Waves crash rhythmically.

Sun shining, sky so bright,

A place of peace, a wondrous sight.

Birds soaring in the sky so blue,

A gentle breeze, so fresh and true.

A place where worries seem so small,

At the sunny beach, where you can let it all.

With toes in sand, a book in hand,

Watching the world go by, so grand.

Soaking in the sun, feeling warm,

At the sunny beach, where you can transform.

The ocean's calm, so inviting too,

A swim, a dive, so fresh and new.

A place of beauty, so alive,

At the sunny beach, where you can thrive.

nature poetry

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