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Sunlit Daydream

by Apollo Carr about a year ago in heartbreak
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One Day I'll Be Fine

Sunlit Daydream
Photo by pixpoetry on Unsplash

Even as every branch snaps and breaks in my head

I still know that I'm alive and l can grow back

For now I feel like a withered husk of myself

waiting for someone to come cut me down

But in all things there is hope to be found

I still wish for that sunny life where I can smile again

I dream of people better than who I've lost

I dream that my suffering isn't meaningless

One day I can walk beside a man who I make smile too

The sunlight and birdsong, and the sound of his voice

Might be enough to wash away the scars left

by people who abandoned me before

Even though I know I'm young and foolish

I'll never surrender that dream for anything

No matter how many times I'm tossed to the ground

No matter how broken, I will stand back up


About the author

Apollo Carr

A writer hoping their poems might mean something to someone during these times

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