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Sunday School

by J. DeTalente 13 days ago in sad poetry

A poem

Sunday School
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Start writing...Sunday has always

been so much

like school

another time for

me to forget that

I remember

once I still

listened to the rules

I used to

put on the

black slacks

I had pressed

then my button

down and clip-on tie,

polished shoes

and I was dressed

Those were the days

where I found god

if I sat

statue still

with my

brothers and sisters

who don't really

call or talk to me

much anymore but

send their thoughts

and their prayers

when they remember

or scroll past my name

I never bother

to do the same

In college Sunday

changed as if it

hadn't already been gone

but she stopped asking

or maybe I stopped answering

I don't remember which

truth is true

I just know I smelled

like smoke and

chainsmoked over the menu

after 3am

waiting on scrambled eggs

and bacon

with my brothers and

sisters who forgot my name

and finally

stopped praying.

I think it was

that time in my life

between failing tests and

never going to classes,

that I tried to do my best

but my best it

never happened

I just went looking

for new trespasses


some type of glory

started fucking girls

with no names

but pretty paintings for faces

that I found boring

it was these nights

that I stared into

the stars and thought

they were god winking

down at me

but it was those nights

that I stopped finding him

I stopped feeling him so

I stopped

believing in him

because i didn't want too

My Sundays best

became some torn

blasphemous band

promotion showing off

my disdain for

society and the way i saw it

spinning down the drai

and i wondered if the stars

up high in my

universe and sky

even have eyes

or ears

or hearts

and do they beat

in some

synchronous symphony

in tune with ours?

Nowadays Sunday

well it just starts and

stops the week

An inglorious series

of begin, end, repeat

I still look up at those stars

almost every week

Not looking for answers,

just staring in defeat.

sad poetry
J. DeTalente
J. DeTalente
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J. DeTalente


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