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Sun Of Hope

by Stella Macus 2 years ago in nature poetry
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A beacon to the weary

Sun Of Hope
Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

As I woke up on a morning, as I sat on my bed.

I raised my eyes and there’s this brilliance in the sky.

And I thank God for seeing a brighter day.

It’s the Sun.

I just layed back feeling sobber, to feel it’s warm embrace.

I can’t let this moment go, no, no, no! I have this good feeling just to know.

It’s the Sun.

It’s the sunlight.

There’s no need to worry darling, it’s just the glow of the sun.

Just keep your head high above your shoulders and view this spectacle, for it’s so wonderful.

It’s the Sun.

It’s the Sunlight.

For God made the sun and set it in the heavenlies it’s a beacon of hope to the weary.

For after the storm, comes the rising of the sun in it’s brilliance.

It’s the Sun.

It’s the Sunlight.

God made it for everyone.

It’s the Sun.

God made it for good and bad.

It’s the Sun.

God made it to show his love.

It’s the Sun.

God made, he made it.

nature poetry

About the author

Stella Macus

A professional writer that loves to munch Oreos while writing :)

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