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Summer Lover

by Patrick Parker about a year ago in love poems
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Love Poems

Summer Lover
Photo by Christiana Rivers on Unsplash

Summer sun burning your bum.

Droplets form upon your brow.

A finch begins to hum.

A lonely kitty says meow.

A Goddess lays in vain.

Winds of change whirl hair.

Only God can release the pain.

The worlds collide with this pair.

Glorious beginnings if they dare.

How wonderful the summer fair.

Souls intertwined as if they care.

Music echoing through the old square.

Two lovers fated by the vine.

Fantasies of kissing unwind.

Two lovers share a glass of wine.

Dreams of color leave us blind.

Hand in hand, you melt.

Cheek to cheek, you blush.

Lips to lips, we smelt.

Eyes to eyes, what a rush.

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